In-flight Duty Free discounts

Blue members enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on our range of premium In-flight Duty Free products. Simply show your Blue card when making any In-flight Duty Free purchase to avail the discount. Next time you travel on Oman Air, don’t forget to take advantage of this exclusive discount and do your shopping onboard.

Exclusive Oman Air offers
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Class bonus miles
The number of Sindbad miles and Tier miles you earn varies with your class of travel. You will earn up to 100% bonus Sindbad miles when you fly Business Class and up to 200% bonus miles when flying First Class.
For example, on a flight from Muscat to London Heathrow you will earn 3,624 Sindbad miles in Economy Prime, 7,284 Sindbad miles in Business Prime and 10,872 Sindbad miles in First Prime where Economy Prime, Business Prime and First Prime are the type of fare brand purchased. Click here to know more about the fare brands and mileage earning.
Miles & discounts with our Sindbad partners

As a Sindbad member, you have the added benefit of earning extra miles as well as special offers from our global network of partners which include hotel, leisure and lifestyle, car rental, telecommunication, banking and retail companies. Check out who our partners are.

Total baggage allowance

Our valued Blue members will be entitled to the following baggage allowance:
Business and First Class travel: Up to a total weight of 50 kg.
Economy Class travel: Up to a total weight of 30 kg.

Please note Members booked on Super Saver are not eligible for excess Baggage & weight of a single bag should not exceed 30 kg.

baggageOman Air baggage policy

Move up to Silver
To move from Sindbad Blue to Silver and further to the Gold tier all you have to do is fly more with us. The more you fly, the more opportunities you have to earn Tier miles and Tier segments.

You will need to earn 20,000 Tier miles or 15 Tier sectors in any 12 consecutive months to move to Sindbad Silver tier.

It is not a lot as it sounds! For example, just two return trips in Business Class from Muscat to Bangkok will take you to Silver tier. Silver tier comes with a selection of exclusive benefits. Take a look at all the extra privileges waiting for you as you move up to Silver tier.

Tier Scale
To keep track of your Tier progress, Simply log in to your Sindbad account on the website or on your phone through the Oman Air App and use the “Tier scale” to see the number of Tier miles and Tier sectors you have earned.