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Sindbad Silver Tier

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Enjoy bonus Sindbad miles, lounge access, check-in at Business Class counters, extra baggage allowance and more. And if you keep earning those Tier miles, you will soon be seeing Gold!

Earn more miles!

Silver Tier earns you 25% bonus Sindbad miles on Oman Air and the more miles you earn, the quicker you can claim for your favourite rewards.

For example, on a flight from Muscat to London Heathrow you will earn 3,624 Sindbad miles for travel in Economy Prime fare. With the 25% Silver Tier bonus you will earn an additional 906 Sindbad miles, giving you a total of 4,530 Sindbad miles.

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Check-in at Business Class counter regardless of class of travel

Everyone has got a place in this world and yours is not standing in line. At Muscat international Airport new Passenger Terminal you can check-in at the exclusive Business Class check-in area even when flying Economy. At all other destinations, you are invited to use our Business Class check-in counters.


Extra baggage allowance

Our valued Silver members will be entitled to the following baggage allowance: Business and First Class: 2 bags, up to a total weight of 60 kg. Economy Class: 2 bags up to a total weight of 50kg.

Please note weight of a single bag should not exceed 30 kg.

Extra baggage allowance

Access our Business Class lounges at the airport

International flights

You are welcome to experience the comfort and hospitality of our Business Class lounges at all destinations when travelling on Oman Air international flights irrespective of your class of travel! Simply present your Sindbad card and relax in the lounge before your flight.

Domestic Flights within Oman

Please note, when travelling on domestic routes within Oman i.e. between Muscat, Salalah, Duqm and Khasab you will be able to access Oman Air lounges only when travelling in Business Class. Silver members travelling in Economy Class on domestic routes will not be able to access the lounge.

Connecting Passengers

Silver members travelling in Economy or Business Class and connecting to/from domestic flights to/from international flights are eligible to use the lounge at Muscat International Airport provided both flights are operated by Oman Air and the connection is within 24 hours.

Members travelling on Staff ID tickets

Sindbad Silver members travelling on staff tickets (AD/ID) are not eligible to use the Airport lounge facility across the Oman air network.

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In-flight Duty Free discounts

Silver members enjoy an exclusive 7% discount on our range of premium In-flight Duty Free products. Simply present your Silver card when making any In-flight Duty Free purchase to avail the discount. Fly more, shop more!

economy class

Priority baggage handling

You will receive priority baggage delivery, which means your bags will be among the first to arrive at your destination. Your bags are identified for priority delivery by the Silver luggage tags provided in your membership pack. Don’t forget to use them!


Stay Silver

Once you have become a Silver member, your tier is valid for a period of 12 months. All you need is to earn just 20,000 Tier miles or 15 Tier segments before your Tier expiry date to stay Silver.

Move up to Gold

To go to Gold, You will need to earn 40,000 Tier miles or 30 Tier sectors in any 12 consecutive months.

Tier Scale

To keep track of your Tier progress, Simply log in to your Sindbad account on the website or on your phone through the Oman Air App and use the "Tier scale" to see the number of Tier miles and Tier sectors you have earned.

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