Your Sindbad miles, Tier status and Upgrade vouchers

We understand that in these uncertain times, and with the current travel restrictions in place, you may have concerns with your Sindbad miles and tier re-qualification status.

In light of the flight disruptions, we are extending several deadlines for Sindbad members. Gold and Silver members with cards expiring in March, April and May this year will have their expiration dates extended to 30th June 2020.

For Sindbad members whose miles and/or upgrade vouchers expire in March, April or May this year, we are extending their validity for 3 months as shown below.

Miles or Voucher Expiry month New validity date
March 30th June 2020
April 31st July 2020
May 31st August 2020

As the days unfold, we will continue to monitor and evolve our program requirements as necessary. We wish you good health and look forward to welcoming you on board again very soon.

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