Recognizing that our customers fall into distinct groups with very different needs, we have revised our fare brands, viz. Economy Prime, Economy, Economy Lite, Super Saver etc. Each fare brand is loaded with distinct benefits and services that help you differentiate and select the one that suites your style and budget. Effective 1st August you will earn Sindbad miles based on the fare brand purchased. The higher the fare you choose, the more the miles, flexibility and benefits that you will enjoy. The table below shows you the miles that you will earn for each Fare brand.
Make sure you pick the right fare brand to earn the maximum miles for your flights!

Fare Brands and miles earned

Here’s how this will work:

Muscat to London Muscat to Mumbai Muscat to Bangkok
10872 - 8472
9060 - 7060
7248 1976 5648
7248 1976 5648
5436 1482 4236
3624 988 2824
1812 494 1412
906 247 706
370 100 290