You could earn 11,900 Sindbad miles in your 3 days’ visit to Oman.

Recommended destinations

Muscat - 4,800 miles (18-19 November 2017)

Visit the imposing Grand Mosque, experience the Royal Opera House, trek the deserts at dawn, spot dolphins at sundown, and enjoy the warm Omani hospitality while you are at it.

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Salalah - 5,200 miles (19-20 November 2017)

Experience magnificent sunsets from Taqa Beach's cliff, savour in delicous coconuts at one of the many fruit huts, and visit the ancient port city of Zafar.

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Khasab - 1,900 miles (20-21 November 2017)

Take a dhow boat tour and take in the stunning, rugged coastal views while keeping an eye out for dolphins, visit the impressive Khasab Fort and its bait al qufl.

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