With a Family account, you can nominate up to eight family members and whenever they travel on Oman Air, 100% of the Sindbad miles they have earned for the flight will be transferred to the family head’s account! So your whole family can be collecting Sindbad miles every time they travel, bringing that dream Reward even faster!

  • Family account is free to set up
  • Up to eight family members can be part of one Family account
  • 100% Sindbad miles earned on Oman Air will be transferred to the family head’s account
  • Family members can keep their individual tiers separate from their family head
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Terms & Conditions

  • 100% of the Sindbad miles of a family member earned after the date they are made part of a Family account is transferred to the Family head’s account. Sindbad miles earned prior to this date will not be transferred.
  • Family members are eligible to accrue Sindbad miles for all activities including promotions and transactions with Sindbad Partners.
  • Tier miles earned by a Family account member are not transferable.
  • Eligible Family account relationships are Father, Mother, Spouse and Children.