Booking hotels just got better! With an everyday benefit of earning up to 15 Sindbad miles per US$1 spent, Kaligo lets you earn up to 10,000 Sindbad miles per night on the best hotel rates.,With Kaligo you can treat yourself to a free flight or shopping spree after just one hotel stay! With a hotel inventory of over 465,000 properties worldwide from luxury to boutique hotels, you can always find the perfect stay for your next trip.

Book between April 20th and June 19th, 2017 and enjoy double Sindbad miles on your hotel bookings. That’s up to 30 Sindbad miles per US$1 spent on every hotel booking. Just visit, select your favorite hotel and provide your Sindbad membership number at checkout.

Terms & conditions

To enjoy this offer, please register and book your hotel at

  • You will earn double Sindbad miles on every hotel booking.
  • Both new and existing customers are eligible to qualify for this benefit.
  • Promotion is valid from April 20th, 2017 to June 19th, 2017 (dates inclusive).
  • Sindbad miles will be credited to your account within 4-6 weeks after the completion of the hotel stay.
  • Kaligo's general terms and conditions apply to all hotel bookings made through Kaligo.
  • Sindbad terms and conditions apply.
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