About Flight Rewards & Upgrades
From London to Bangkok, Maldives to Zurich, Cairo to Chennai, pick from a range of destinations on the Oman Air or our partner airline network and let your Sindbad miles take you there!
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Buy, Gift and Share miles
Falling short of Sindbad miles? Need more Sindbad miles for a reward booking? Buy, Gift or Transfer.
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How many Sindbad miles do I need
Find out where in the world your Sindbad miles can take you. Use our mileage calculator and find out how many miles you will need. Simply enter where you want to go and in what cabin and the mileage calculator will do the rest.
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Book a Reward
Spend your miles on flights and upgrades with us, in any cabin. Simply check your balance, determine flight availability and then proceed directly to book your dream destination.
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Buy WyFi Credit
As a Sindbad member, you can purchase WyFi credit online at a special price with your Sindbad miles.
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